Raphaël Bouyer was born in Montauban (France) in 1991. As soon as 16 years old, he studies painting by Jeremy Annett's side in Toulouse, then drawing at Catherine Escudié's studio. He obtains his high school diploma (distinction Plastic arts), then undertakes higher education in Art. Disappointed by what he judges to be a ghettoisation of painting in teaching circles in contemporary Art, he chooses at the end of 2012 to follow his own way. He lives and works in Toulouse(France).






EXHIBITIONS and awards


- 2022, group show "Jean-Bernard Guy private collection", at The Belvédère, Saint-Martin d'Uriage (Grenoble), France.

- 2022, Art residency, Montirat (France), invited by the "Extraordinaire" society.

- 2020, group show "Them'Art", at La Garde (Toulon), France.

- 2019, group show "Verba volant, scripta Manet", at Molo Brin Museum, Olbia (Italy)

- 2019, Awarded the Special Prize "Manet exhibition" at Premio Marchionni Art Prize (Italy).

-2018, solo exhibition " Les divergents" at Galerie Marielle Bouchard (Grenoble, France).
-2017, group show at Galerie Marielle Bouchard (Grenoble, France). 
-2017, Awarded at Premio Marchionni Art Prize and group exhibition Feria Arte Mercato, Villacidro (Italy).
-2017, Premio Marchionni itinerant group exhibition at Milano, Bologna and Urbino (Italy).
-2016, MacParis Art fair (Paris).
-2016, group exhibition " Grand Prix Bernard Magrez for contemporary art" to the Cultural Institute Bernard Magrez ( Bordeaux, France ).
-2016, group exhibition "Summer camp", 18bis Gallery, Paris
-2015, group exhibition France / china  Art Center Nyoguan in Chengdu ( China).
-2015, Awarded at Art competition and group exhibition Young Talents "Arbustes" (Mantes la Jolie, France). 
-2015, group exhibition Parisartistes ( Paris)
-2015, group exhibition "Salon d'Automne de Paris" Art fair (Champs-Elysées, Paris).
-2014, group exhibition "Remp' arts" art fair (Bayonne, France).
-2014, group exhibition "Salon d'automne de Colomiers" Art fair (Toulouse, France).
-2013, group exhibition "Artoulouse" Art fair (art competition and exhibition).Awarded 




Press and catalogues



-Exhibition catalogue "Image and imagination", China-France 2015 in Chengdu (China).

-Exhibition catalogue "Salon d'Automne de Paris" 2015

-Exhibition catalogue "ParisArtistes" 2015

-Exhibition catalogue "Summer camp", summer 2016, Galerie le 18bis (Paris).

-Exhibition catalogue "Macparis Art fair" 2016.

-Exhibition catalogue "Premio Marchionni" 2017 (Italy).

- "Artension" (art magazine) march/april 2017 .

- "Art dans l'air" (art magazine) march/april 2017.

-Web magazine "Le Petit Bulletin", march 2018: 


-Web magazine C2, march 2018:


-Newspaper "Var Matin", feb 9th 2020: